Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Rochester MN

The removal of a single tooth can lead to problems related to your chewing ability, problems with your jaw joint, and shifting teeth, which can have a major impact on your dental health. Unfortunately there may be times that teeth may need to be removed due to decay, fractures, periodontal disease, or unrepairable with modern dental techniques. To avoid these complications, in most cases, Dr. Funke will discuss alternatives to extractions as well as replacement of the extracted tooth. Dr. Funke has extensive experience and confidence in oral surgery and regularly volunteers at our local Good Samaritan Dental Clinic. 

Med City Dental offers the following oral surgery procedures

  • Routine and surgical tooth removals
  • Preparing the mouth and bone for dentures (alveoloplasty)
  • Removing muscle attachments (frenectomy)
  • Excision and biopsy with medical diagnosis
  • Bone grafting including socket preservation and ridge augmentation
  • Gum surgery including gingivectomy and pocket reduction surgery
  • Trauma management including reimplantation/repositioning teeth and soft tissue management
  • Infection management including incision and drainage

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