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We are the trusted and preferred provider in Southeast Minnesota serving infants, children, and mothers struggling with symptoms associated with lip and tongue tie. Our compassionate team provides education, resources, and collaboration with healthcare specialists treating patients with tethered oral tissues to establish a lifetime foundation of proper feeding, speech, sleep, health, and growth and development.

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Why We Are Passionate and Want to Help
What is Lip and Tongue Tie
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Symptoms in children
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Why We Are Passionate and Want to Help

Dr Funke, Wife and DaughterDr. Funke’s wife and daughter struggled with many of the symptoms you will read below. His wife was almost ready to find alternatives to breastfeeding due to pain and frustration during every feeding. Dr. Funke’s wife felt that breastfeeding had become a full-time job due to the frequency and duration of every feeding. It was also very painful and “worse than giving birth”. His daughter was also having unusual symptoms and issues as well. His daughter was constantly hiccupping, spitting up after every time she ate, always had nasal congestion with mouth breathing, and the list goes on. Dr. Funke and his wife were both first-time parents but they knew that this was not normal. Dr. Funke wanted to find answers to help.

His daughter had been screened at the hospital at birth but was never diagnosed or recommended to seek treatment for lip and tongue tie. Dr. Funke also did not see anything out of the ordinary. He pursued training in the diagnosis, treatment, and post-operative treatment of lip and tongue tie release. He learned that lip and tongue tie is not treated solely based on appearance, but rather the symptoms that are present in both mother and baby. With his new training, Dr. Funke was able to properly diagnose and treat his daughter in his office with a laser. His wife felt immediate results from nursing. It should not hurt to nurse your baby! Over the following weeks, many of his daughter’s symptoms like spitting up, nasal congestion, hiccupping, gassiness, and feeding problems were resolved. As his daughter got older, she did not have any challenges transitioning to solid foods and no longer is a noisy sleeper or mouth breather.

Treatment changed the lives of his family. Dr. Funke hopes to reach, help, and give hope to others that may have the same questions and struggles.

We Are Here To Help!

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What is Lip and Tongue Tie

Lip and tongue tie, also known as tethered oral tissues, occurs when muscle attachments of the lip and tongue prevent proper movement and function. Lip and tongue tie is very common and as many as one in five people have a lip or tongue tie! The condition often runs in families and has been shown to have a genetic component. Unfortunately, the condition is often not properly diagnosed and treated. Often times posterior tongue ties can go undiagnosed because they are not easily seen, yet they can cause many of the same symptoms of anterior and “to the tip” ties.

Tongue and lip tie can present as a number of symptoms. Although many of these are common, they are not normal! These symptoms can often lead to a challenging relationship with the mother-infant bond, eating challenges, speech challenges, breathing challenges, sleep challenges, growth challenges (orthodontic and skeletal problems), and social struggles.

There is hope!


Symptoms in infants can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Shallow/painful latch
  • Falls asleep while eating
  • Colic symptoms/cries a lot
    Reflux symptoms (it is not normal to have a child on acid reflux medications)

    Clicking or smacking noises while eating

  • Spits up often leading to nasal congestion and breathing difficulty
  • Hiccups often
  • Gassy
  • Lip curls under when nursing or bottle feeding
  • Snoring/noisy sleeping
  • Head, neck, body tension
  • Blisters on lips

Symptoms in nursing mothers can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Creased, flattened or blanched nipples
  • Blistered, cut, bleeding nipples
  • Poor or incomplete breast drainage
  • Need for nipple shield while nursing
  • Baby prefers one side over the other (likely caused by torticollis with baby)

Symptoms in children may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Speech difficulties (mumbling, stuttering, hard to understand, difficulty speaking quickly, in speech therapy, etc.)
  • Feeding difficulties (grazes, packing food in cheeks, choking or gagging, spits out food, slow eater, etc.)
  • Sleep issues (sleeps in strange positions, wakes easily, grinds teeth, sleeps with mouth open, snores, etc.)
  • Neck or shoulder pain/tension
  • TMJ pain/headaches
  • Reflux/GI issues
  • Hyperactivity/inattention (ADHD)
  • Orthodontic and growth problems

What to Expect in Our Office

Dr. Scott A. Funke has taken extensive hours of lecture and hands on training in the diagnosis, treatment, and post operative care of lip and tongue tie release (frenectomy). He also participates in a regional oral growth and development study club. His compassion, knowledge, and continuous training has allow him to successfully treat over one hundred infants and children.

Dr. Funke takes a team approach with lactation consultants, chiropractors, craniosacral therapists, and healthcare providers. Dr. Funke will spend time reviewing symptoms and completing a thorough evaluation. Benefits and risk of treatment will be reviewed. If treatment is indicated, infants can be treated with topical anesthetic and children with topical anesthetic and a small amount of local anesthetic (general anesthesia is not used or needed in our office). Dr. Funke uses a Light Scalpel (CO2) laser to release the tethered tissues. The use of this laser allows for less bleeding, better visualization, complete removal of tissue attachments, no sutures, and faster healing. If mother and baby are still nursing, mother will be encouraged to take their time to nurse or feed their babies right after treatment in our private room. Dr. Funke will review stretching and homecare. Dr. Funke makes sure caregivers are comfortable providing the stretches and have a chance to have all questions answered. Patients are encouraged to take advantage of any necessary follow-up appointments that are included as part of treatment in our office.

Dr. Funke believes that there is hope and he is happy to share the experience his family has personally had with treatment. 

Why Choose Us?

We understand that you have a choice of where you seek care and treatment of lip and tongue tie. Our team has been able to help even if previous lip and tongue tie treatment  has been attempted elsewhere. We have been able to achieve lasting results through proper diagnosis, treatment, education, follow-up, and healthcare team approach. Our compassionate team is dedicated to helping create a safe, comfortable, and understanding space for all patients and families that visit out office. We invite families to view our videos and read our written testimonials to learn more about how our office is different.

What People are Saying About Their Experience with Us

We were able to get in for consult and oral ties release in less than a week. They actually had an opening the day we called but we couldn’t make that work. Dr. Funke is personable and professional. His staff from front desk to dental hygienist/assistant are also wonderful. Currently only dentist in Rochester, MN that does ties, including buccal.

He shared his personal family story about oral ties, also available on his website. That connection really helps you feel confident in his passion to help.” – A. S.

“Absolutely amazing care provided by not only Dr Funke but the entire team! We came here after being referred by our chiropractor for our 1 week old daughter was having issues nursing and I was in a lot of pain. We had her evaluated for oral ties and she was found to have a lip tie and posterior tongue ties. They were able to get us scheduled immediately the next day” -K.B.

Dr. Funke was so kind and really listened to what I was saying. He did a lip, tongue and cheek tie release on my two week old son. It was a quick 15 minutes. They cared for my son like he was their own. I highly recommend.” -M.C.

“Dr. Funke and his team were great. My newborn had a tongue and lip tie and he was able to get us in quickly for an evaluation and treatment. He did a thorough assessment, explained everything very well, and made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend him.” -M.M.

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