Sleep/Snoring: Sleep Apnea Treatment Options in Rochester

At Med City Dental we screen for risks for sleep apnea and proper breathing. We believe dentists are the first line of defense and screening for proper breathing and sleeping. 

Snoring as well as clenching and grinding your teeth at night is not normal and may indicate a much more serious health condition known as sleep apnea or sleep disordered breathing. It has been found to reduce life expectancy if left untreated. Sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing may also present with other symptoms such as orofacial pain or TMD/TMJ.

Dr. Funke has received training on sleep dentistry and is able to help. He will screen and evaluate your risks for sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea. He may recommend a home sleep test if sleep disordered breathing is suspected. We have home sleep tests that patients can take home with them to perform in the comfort of their own home. These monitors are single use and discrete. Results are immediately uploaded to a secure server via a phone application. The sleep test will be reviewed by Dr. Funke once it has been uploaded. If sleep disordered breathing is suspected, Dr. Funke will have the results interpreted by a licensed physician. A medical diagnosis as well as treatment recommendations will be given by the licensed physician.

Treatment may include myofuctional therapy, sleep position training, lip and tongue tie release, and/or appliance therapy. Dr. Funke is able to fabricate a number of oral appliances and treatments to help decrease your risks of sleep apnea. 

Please give us a call if you suspect you or your loved one may have or be at risk of sleep disordered breathing or sleep apnea.

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