Gum Therapy

Gum Lift

Gum Lift also known a crown lengthening: Is a cosmetic dental procedure that raises and sculpts the gum line. Gum lifts involve reshaping the tissue and/or underlying bone to create the appearance of longer or symmetrical teeth, resulting in a more aesthetic smile.

Periodontal Therapy

Is when the tissue and bone around the gum pockets (spaces between your tooth and gum tissue) begin to pull away from the tooth. The more tissue and bone that is lost, the deeper the pockets and the looser the teeth become. This eventually leads to tooth loss. Healthy gum pockets measure 1-3 millimeters and do not bleed. Gum pockets that measure 4 millimeters or more are indicators of periodontal disease. The picture of x-rays shows a person that does not have a single cavity, but is losing all of their teeth due to bone and periodontal disease.

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