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Do You Dream of Straighter Teeth? – May 2024

Historically straightening your teeth meant wrapping and banding every single tooth, difficulty cleaning your teeth, PAIN, SUFFERING…

 Thankfully times have changed! Clear aligner braces have become the new and better option for straightening your teeth. Having metal in your mouth, sore lips and cheeks no longer need to hold you back from getting the smile you deserve. We have all heard of the TV advertisements and brands to straighten your teeth without the wires, bands and brackets… but they still require 22 hours of wear, many office visits, additional brushing times per day, and discomfort when moving up trays!

Like everything from the rotary phone to touch tone phone to smart phone – materials and technology moves forward to better our experience and lives! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app to help us straighten our teeth? Wouldn’t it be nice to straighten your teeth mainly while you sleep and dream? NOW THERE IS!

Dr. Funke at Med City Dental strives to incorporate the latest technology to help make your experience in the dental chair (and at home) the best it possibly can be. The latest technology and technique he uses is using the only FDA cleared clear aligner braces on the market that only require nine to twelve hour wear. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly! You would only have to wear them about half the time as other leading clear braces!

What’s the catch? – There is no catch!

 Not all clear aligner materials are created equally. The clear aligners that Dr. Funke utilizes uses different materials that place a more consistent and steady force on the teeth to move and align them in the proper position. He partners with a company that incorporates the latest augmented intelligence to track progress of tooth movement in the convenience of your own home – meaning less appointments in the dental office interrupting your busy life! Photos and reports go directly to Dr. Funke to make sure that treatment is progressing smoothly.

 These new clear aligner braces can help to not only straighten your teeth but can also help:

  • Reduce TMD/TMJ discomfort
  • Reduce needed office visits
  • Whiten your teeth while you straighten
  • Better compliance – only wear in the evenings and while sleeping
  • Less revisions due to augmented technology tracking with your phone
  • Increased comfort due to gradual force and movement
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced tooth chipping and cracking

 Just like the old rotary phone – old methods of straightening your teeth are a means of the past. New methods and technology are reducing or eliminating barriers holding you back from achieving the results you deserve.

 Dreaming of straighter teeth – There’s an App for that!

Will My Insurance Cover it? – January 2024

We all are required to have and carry car insurance to drive on public roads. This is intended to protect the owner driver as well as other drivers in the event of an accident. Our car insurance is intended to cover catastrophic events and have deductibles that must first be paid by the owner driver.

Now, what happens to our insurance premiums?

Our insurance premiums are put into a large pot of money that we all hope we never have to use. Plans have deductibles intended to discourage use of the system unless there are major events that take place and also have caps (vehicle is totaled). Insurance does not cover things like routine maintenance (oil changes, brake changes, fluid changes, wiper blade changes, etc.) or things like tire changes.

How does this relate to “dental insurance” and coverage?

There are many similarities and differences between dental insurance and car insurance – even medical insurance. A major similarity is that there is a large pot that money is put into. There are individuals that oversee how that money is used and dispersed – they charge a fee for this. This fee goes to the CEOs and other employees of the insurance company – thus decreasing the total amount that can be paid for patient services. Companies work to make sure that the numbers favor the house – they want their end of year bonus! One way of guaranteeing that the numbers will make sense is that there is a maximum that the dental insurance companies will allow any individual to take out of the system in any given year – VERY different from medical insurance. Think of dental insurance as a coupon book! The dental insurance companies will also limit services provided and say they are “not covered” or have waiting periods to make sure that you have paid what they deem enough into the system before taking money out.

In many ways, paying dental insurance premiums is betting against oneself. If more money goes out of the system than in then it simply does not work – meaning “the house always wins”. Participation in an insurance plan may make sense if the premium was subsidized by an outside source (employer). This would decrease the amount the patient would be paying for the premium – thus decreasing the risk while keeping the reward the same.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the insurance companies will try to limit the services provided by having contracted (“in-network”) offices that have agreed to the rules the dental insurance companies have put in place. But the thing is, companies often pay out a similar amount even for non-contracted offices.

This makes one stop to think if paying for “dental insurance” makes sense or “will my insurance cover this?” are the right questions to ask.

Maybe one could create and manage their own “dental insurance plan” by placing money in their own pot and be the one to decide how and where it is used?

Technology in Dentistry – Fall 2023

The world around us is filled with new technologies that are changing and evolving. Everything from our vehicles we drive with hands free, smart watches we wear, and phones we keep in our pockets. These technologies are helping make our lives easier and better than ever before. Did you know the same can be said for technology in dentistry and your experience in the dental chair?

Not long ago it was a dreadful sound when your dentist would tell you that a crown would be helpful to fix a broken or fractured tooth. You would need to schedule multiple appointments involving uncomfortable “goop” in your mouth, a fragile temporary crown that may break or come off, a long two week wait for the permanent crown to be made by an outside lab, and then a need for another appointment and time away from work and family……

Now there is technology that allows for getting a dental crown to be a much more comfortable and convenient process. The process is typically completed in under a two hour time frame and in a single appointment – don’t worry, patients don’t have to hold their mouth open that whole time!

Utilizing CEREC technology allows for impressions to be made with a camera to digitally compute and create a model of the teeth within the computer program. These digital models are more accurate with less distortion than traditional stone models – they are much more comfortable too! The computer is then used by the dentist to design the new crown and send it to a milling machine to be made. Typically it will take anywhere from 8-12 minutes for the crown to be milled out – always a great time for a break for the patient! The crown is tried in the patient’s mouth and modifications made prior to being characterized to match the neighboring teeth. It is put in the oven for a short time of approximately 15 minutes – another great time for a break for the patient! The crown is then cemented into place, cleaned, made sure the bite is comfortable, and patient on their way! See – we told you patients aren’t open that whole time! Not so bad anymore!

Digital impressions with CEREC can also be utilized in many other applications as well including fabrication of dental sleep/snore appliances, TMD/TMJ appliances, clear braces, dental implants, larger cosmetic cases, as well as other removable appliances. All of these applications are utilized at Med City Dental to help improve your health and smile.

With improvements in technology all around us, there should also be improvements and utilization of technology in your experience at the dental office. The Med City Dental team is dedicated to implementing new and better technologies to help make your experience in the dental chair easier and better than before! Give us a call if you are looking for a better dental experience that is keeping up with the advances in technology around us!

Scott A. Funke, DDS, FAGD